Thursday, December 25, 2014

Avent Light Spiral fantasies...

22nd Dec 2014 (Monday)  T. Moon Capricon 7 degree  New Moon  Solstice

It is said that today is a most auspicious day of making a wish. Especially all things related to career. I was at home w sy, still have mild fever and looking low in energy. I made a wish for him. for all my children to grow up healthy, independent and confident to take on the path given to them.

23rd Dec 2014 (Tuesday)  T. Moon Capricon 22 degree,  New Moon

Today is a special dual function outing, a yoga lesson and extended to a Christmas party. Sy seems to be healthy enough to go! He looks more radiant and upright. Suddenly I realized the wish was working! Friend cooked up a simple lovely lunch, kids had lovely pre Christmas warm up. Xyuan was happy to received gift blessings. She is beaming w worthy feeling. I had enough time to go home and napped well. Simply perfect.

24th Dec 2014 (Wednesday) T. Moon Aquarius 7 degree,  New Moon

Today is the day the kids has been looking for. A Christmas Eve party down in Seremban. Somehow I feel we are yet to to give meanings to the kids in this festive season. So far the impression has been far materialistic. I never grow up with this festive celebration. I start to search for meanings. I had a sudden burst of ideas of doing lots of things i found online. so I messaged my best pal, planning something meaningful the next day.

The party was warm and fuzzy. I haven't been paying attention on these friend's friends. But i could feel their friendly gestures. I have been contemplating on the topic raised by jia hui, that friendship reflects siblings relationship. I was touched by the kind friendship and compassion.

The driving experience was pleasant. The journey has been retrospective.

25th Dec 2014 (Thursday) T. Moon Aquarius 21 degree, New Moon

Spent sometime playing a card game with the boys. It has been kindly given to us upon my shameless request. In the name of learning more Chinese, I see my eldest son taking great interest of it, I shamelessly took away another boy's Christmas present in advance. Cant help but to find some violent influence in the card game. Leaves me a dilemma compromising between learning and attics.

Time flies when you have different arrangement of activities. Tomorrow I should start packing and also some shopping for inner beauties. soon I have to share adobe in other's home. Need to take care of the presence of these inner stuff.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Disconnected Moon

21st Dec 2014 Solstice T. moon Sagitarius 23 degree,  Waning Moon

WL is due for is yearly mindful escapade. I fully support this as I know it will do him good. He has been losing weight, teeth etc. He needs this badly. Thanks to astrology, it helps me to recognize his needs more objectively.

Sy still has some low grade fever. It is already the 3rd day. It seems he really worries about his school work. I remembered he fell sick after he heard that I would be away for art therapy for some time? He urgently brought up his work and ask for my assistance. Then his head collapsed on the desk feeling dizzy. so dramatic!

My connection with him has not been too good. I always brush him aside as he is the eldest son. i expect him to be independent. I have always been busy in the mind! planning, thinking, surfing! I have neglected him. I didn't know he is so fearful of no being to able to complete his holiday work. Something no one else could help. Definitely can't go to daddy. he is forced to face me. not merely about the homework. me and him cant really talk. i dont understand his joke! I am so serious all the time of getting things done!

During dinner, in daddy's absence, i deliberately make some silly jokes, hope to loosen him up and he will recover soon. my poor son... how does it feel like not being understood by your mother? I have to pay more attention to him and connect w him more.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Undercurrent emotions vs healthy body

18th dec 2014 moon in Scorpio, waning moon
I told the kids today I will go out at night for a gathering. Sy felt the urgencies to get me to help him w his journal. Writing the journal has always been a chore for him. Coz he needs lots of help w his vocabulary. And I was the sole person who is able to help him in his Chinese writing.

In the midst of writing his journal, sy laid his head down. Very unlike him. Though writing journal in Chinese is v tough on him, he always work hard on it. Today it seems like a give up. Very unlike his usual attitude. Then he came to hug me, I felt his burning body. I had a Xmas gathering to go to in 66 bangsar. So I prepared dinner for the kids, administered medicine and take a break from the domestic scene for a while.

19th dec 2014 (Friday ) moon in Scorpio, waning moon.
Sy cont w fever. Tossed n turned the whole night. Seeing his already thin body growing even thinner. Fever is still high.

20th dec 2015 (Saturday) moon in sagi, waning moon.
Sy woke up w improved energy. Appetite comes in. Still slight fever. But he started passing motion.

Super nanny visiting Nen see's 3rd Child

By now I am a baby whisperer after having 3 children. I can hold and calm a baby and soothe them to sleep.

Refreshing shower at the serendah waterfall with Raymond and Cornie.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Balancing home and work, emotions and structure

• 16th Dec T. Moon Libra 15 degree, forms a tight tsq w N Mars and Venus 18 degree. Waning Moon

The usual yoga lesson today was rescheduled. I almost reached the destination and have to reroute.

Feel like falling sick. With the thought of the coming skype meeting at night, I skipped dinner to catch a cat nap. Hoping for a better concentrations later. Indeed, eating less did me good. Have been feeling bloated since. Maybe it is time to eat less and detox!

It was a late and long meeting indeed. One member fell sick couldn't make it. Lucky thing I have partners, they did bulk of the work load. I was just trying to enhance things here and there.

• 17th Dec T. Moon Libra  28 degree, 150 degree with N. Sun 29 degree in Taurus. Waning Moon

Brought kids for dental. got some major cavities filled. Feels great sense of achievement! Generally my mood has improved. Able to contemplate over my weaknesses to improved over  6th house. Areas I am so unfamiliar with! Employee relationship! I have been always avoiding this issue. Try to make it as if does not affect me. I always have dreams yelling at domestic worker. Still cannot nail down a schedule. Everytime I just feel like going to sleep. Must catch a new moon to plant this 6th house seed.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Subconcious Relationship afloats

Moon diary 1: T. Moon in Libra 4 Degree , Conj. N Pluto 4 Degree.  Waning Moon 22.1

Yesterday I was in a great mood of studying up on the hill (Moon Virgo). My mind was clear and focused. Though lots of old memory flashing pass. I was in a retrospective mode.

Today I had to go for a meeting on rules and regulations, generally on keeping the school in better control, also talked about money a little. I was bored and my soul gets no excitement and stimulation. Such meeting kills me. I was very quite. Kept thinking of my new found bright direction working as a budding healing astrologer or therapist. At the same time I was trying to keep the meeting fruitful, trying to concentrate.

The short renovation in my house seemed to have come to an end.

Last night I had lots of dreams. I remembered I yelled in the dream " No one did inform me!", over and again. It feels real and intensed. It seems the renovation forbia has not over yet in my subconscious mind.

I was thinking of a person I had not met for sometime. To my surprised, she messaged me in the morning to invite me for a x'mas gathering.

Quite an unusual feeling I get today. Somewhat dark and deep. Not sure of where it come from. So I decided to write my first Moon diary. I will be going for my regular Yoga session tomorrow.