Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It was a dry brownie. Super dry. I can never get a perfect brownie.

Leaking pipe, the wall paint is peeling off. blk moss growing wild. Contractor came when i was out fetching son.

Crying babies. Why don't you just go to sleep.

Maid agency owes me money Rm100. for over a year. I hate calling them and explain to them over again.

Today I hit a low point after many months of consistant high. Feeling a little low. Perhaps I am tired. A little blur. Lost sense of direction. Lots of things to do, but do not know where to start first. I usually only do things that i like. Not things that i need to do.

I ve been wanting to homeschool. It's a huge effort. but i know it's for better. It's a field i find it interesting. I could learn at the same time i can be with the kids more. and foster better sibling bonding. I don;t get positive support from my partner. Feel like giving up. Why should I be the one worry so much about it. Some one else is in doubt of my ability. I should just forget about it.

I don't like a sad blog. But today I feel like putting the low point up.

Leave me alone.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

my little girl

my little girl has just turned 1 recently. she was born on the 4th day of cny. I used to leave most of the baby care to the maid. But she fell sick often. So changed strategies. Do it myself as much as i can.  She used to have milk rash. Used to cough for months. I kept her happy and bond with her more. Slowly i cracked the "davinci code". Her milk rash went away. The cough is healed. I can see her growing stronger. I connect with her more now. Her face is glowing in radiant. I'm glad i have awaken. It's a joy caring for u my girl - Xin Yuan - happy birthday. Mama bakes u a choc fudge cake.