Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New discoveries

Today we have been busy w the flour business. Started w making some scones in mind, then i found out the kids enjoy playing flour as it is. I have a few boxes of worm infested flour, perhaps I should sieve them and let them play in the garden b4 it hits the compost bin.

Bought a good smelling honey dew, but to my surprise it was tasteless. As it almost going to the compost, I thought it might make very good dessert if boil it w red n honey dates plus some wolfberries. Having thrown in a bunch of pandan leaves i rushed to get from my green finger neighbor, a wonderful smelling soothing tonic was ready effortlessly. So next time, any fruits that does not fit for your taste palette consider making them into some tea.
Just throw in some dates and wolfberries + pandan leaves works all the time.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Coco de potato

Shanyang came out w a new recipe. He rolled the sweet potato over some cocoa powder then put some freshly grated coconut with moleses sugar on it. I have never seen the kids eat so much sweet potato before. His recipes is much supported by his siblings.

DIY Chinese chess

When you are in the middle it the wild and want to play Chinese chess this is what you can do. so one fine day in the name of Learning Chinese we moved slightly out door and played around with some chalks and stones. My aim to get shanyang to write Chinese really. After creating it we played a game. I must say with the size it is more challenging to the mind, cause you can't have all the chess in one look. You might have to some what memories the position instead. So shanyang beat me in this game. He is getting better each day with the private coaching from daddy.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Flower power

I haven't been blogging for a while. Recently I was adviced to blog again more regularly according to my astrology chart. By doing so most of my problems will be solved with little effort. As this would help me w my overall well being. I immediately felt the relief as this has been one of my favorite things in life, to be able to share and have audiences out there.

Recently I begin to tune to flowers in the neighborhood and bring them home to appreciate. Some would say you would shorten the flower's life span by doing so. Something my mom used to tell me long time ago.

One day I took a stroll w my kids and armed w a pair of garden scissors. We brought back some flowers and gathered them in a few casual vessels. The presence of fresh flowers and scent in the house awoke some unexplained senses. The scent of the fresh flowers greeted and sang into every spaces and corners in my house. It was a beautiful moment. A lasting well being stayed in my mind. I can still recall the feelings after many months. You will be surprised that there are so many different types of flowers u can gather rather than just having roses or daisies from the flower stall.

Some flowers don't stay long. You get to observe every moment of change.

Try it one day, just walk out with a basket and a pair of scissors. Invite some natural guests to your adobe.