Saturday, September 24, 2011

Simple home gourmet n washing shoes

Sometimes I forget some v delicious quick home gourmet. Today also make a very delicious chess toast. All u need is a v good block of cheese.

I tried to get the kids to wash their own shoes. At first no one was interested. I had to show some good example myself. I use some soap nut for washing so that it is gentle for the hands. Though not fantastic in removing dirt. When I was done. Xuan came round w his fav pair of Ben sleepers. He was determined to wash his own. My action driven Xuan, u r always the first one to get things done. Bravo!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cooking is therapeutic

I have been lazy. Shying away from the kitchen. A word from Adeline made me feel encouraged. I asked if I should go out for a quick bite or should I cook myself. To my surprise she asked me to do the latter. She said that I am creative in the kitchen and have the most interesting ingredients.

With that I am arm w strong spirit marching to the kitchen. Open the fridge and dig out some veges. and wao la. Lunch is ready. I should do this more. Let the kids to see me do magic in the kitchen. Have a rhythm going, that I cook on a certain day, perhaps Friday. Sometimes maid cooked till no ideas. N the kids didn't enjoy eating too. Ok i shall cookupfridaystormy night!

Renew work permit for helper

Today went damansara to renew yorn phath's work permit for another year. Arrived at about 1 30pm. She has been with us going into the 3 1/2 year now. No fomema required for the 3rd year going to the 4 th. Paid rm 500. Maid's presence was not required. All I need was to bring her passport with expiry date no less than 1 yr. It was quite a breeze. Left immigration at about 2.30pm with a valid permit. Bought her a shirt to commemorate her domestic effort for another year.

I might need to do this annually. Just to blog this to remind myself.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lunch out in papa

W a lawyer n a doctor

Making dolls

I never really had a doll So dear that I remember. Mom has sort of trained us not to be too emotionally attached to anything, including pillows. I used to be rather proud of it. That I could go anywhere to sleep without bring anything familiar. But now I am having a second thought, that I might have missed out something, some feelings might have been suppressed. Recently I have picked up a doll making lesson. The doll looks nothing spectacular but the process of making a doll was valuable to me.

After many months part of the doll was complete. It was therapeutic for me to hug it n hold it in my hand. The I handed the doll to my girl. There was an unspeakable truth I felt. Mommy has made my first doll. And mommy will give my first doll to u. She observe every stitches on the doll.

Ok 2 more dolls to go for the boys.

Some online tutorials for making waldorf dolls for your child.