Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pregnant with no due date.

It has been almost close to 14 months now since the homeschooling seed was growing in me. I think and live homeschooling everyday. But some how my 2 boys still go to school . I spent most of my energy fetching them to school. Getting them on time. Also bringing them for extra free play "tuition" in the playground after school everyday. Something I find it v important for the development of a child but yet no getting enough emphasis in the pre school.

However I still feel blessed, to be in touched w so many homeschooling parents, to share the common free spirit goal for our children. Thinking I could join them one day. Planning a true Malaysian learning experience, mingling with multi racial children. As long as I keep this spark in me, my kids will benefit. Regardless If I get to homeschool them or not. To all homeschooling parents, thanks for bloging n sharing. This post is dedicated to norlin.my u inspired me today.