Friday, November 16, 2012

A detour

Many things happened since I last wrote. One of the major change in life was that shan yang has requested to go back to school. I have anticipated for this. I have learnt this from other homeschooling family that some child prefers school. So this didn't hit me too badly as i would probably mark it as a "failure". I have carefully chosen a "gentle" Waldorf school in jln Ipoh for him to explore a community school life.

We started a 3 day rhythm studying in the teacher's house. And soon more students join in. He was happy initially. As more students join in, especially those with previous public school experience, he started to make some comments. He observed the unpleasant language choice among his peers.

As for me, as along as he is happy, I am enjoying the break, dealing with my other Kindy children. With a stronger routine, adhering to the school, our domestic life has become more structured. Next year he will be going to school for the full 5 days. I hope he could absorb as much as he needs, learn some basic skills, he could come out from the system after he has enough. I will be here to support what he wish to do.

He has improved on his movement and coordination with the regular jumping rope exercise in school. Lots of fun meeting friends more regularly. And he learns to cook n prepare his lunch everyday.