Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Amazing RM2 Chinese books sale

An Amazing rm 2 clearance sale is going on at the classic shanghai bookshop Jln sultan until september 2012. some books are going for 70%, dictionaries for 50%. I met an elderly man in the book shop, he felt unbelievable that books are going for so cheap these days. And yet not many children are reading much. He believes it is the pressure from the school exam has taken away the love for reading stories.

I would feel in cloud nine if I were presented with these books when I was little. However my son finds reading Chinese is quite a task for him. At 7 years he enjoy Enid blyton's. He finds it easier to read English. I was told to be able for one to read Chinese, once has to master approximately 2000 characters. A Chinese reader teacher told me that these days even children from the chinese school cannot achieve decent Chinese reading ability to enjoy reading even at the age of 9, 10.