Monday, August 09, 2010

A visit to a bulltique buffalo milk farm

Amazed by their size and rich colours.
We were greeted by the familiar smell you get when you visit the zoo. We have arrived the milk farm that our milk man promised to bring us to, and it is a premium buffalo one!
Expression by a handsome punjabi man

Restful black beauty.

These buffaloes are huge, pitch dark skin reflect some rich blue off the rainny day. All milking process is handled by hand lovingly. There is a river at the back of the farm for them to go swimming every morning. 
Well behaved calves.

It was a rainny day.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Homeschooling myself

Honestly I wished I was homeschooled.

I had a lovely primary schooling experience. When it comes to secondary school, I thought a lot of time was wasted learning un useful thing. especially in geography in other countries (that i have not been), sejarah just limited to one country... etc

I remembered my mom trusted me. I value that a lot. There are days i told her that i didn't want to go to school. coz it was very noisy i could not concentrate. she let me. I remember it dearly until today.

So when i stumbled upon homeschooling at the begining of this year, my found sparkles in my eyes. Yes! this is it! this is what I want. However, to homeschool my children is more than merely my decision. So meanwhile, waiting for my better half to really come on board. I am homeschooling myself!!

Before this, i used to think, to learn something, you need to go to "school". you need teachers. Recently learn up things myself having motivated by the homeschooling spirit championed by Learning beyond schooling.

I cut my own hair. Researched into non toxic tick solution for my first pet. I picked up cycling. I learn guitar. Bake scones etc. now creating an tick life cycle observation box. Some of these might not interest my kids. But it matters to me. I am revisiting events that i missed out due to rushing for exams in the schooling years.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Artfully naked

Xuan and his art.
Kids draw differently at different stage of development. Sometimes they have something very interesting going on. Then after afew months they dissapear. The more adult instructions, the faster the naive originality dissapear. I witness it in eldest 5 years old Shanyang. He had something intricate going on at his 4 yrs, but recently it is disappearing.

So adsorbed.
Xuan recently just started to form some conscious creation. very consistently he drew faces. steady continuous strokes. I find it very unique. Wondering how i can immortalised it b4 it changes. Recently saw a friend even allow her kids to draw on her white car. I started to have ideas over my blank cupboard.
Firm support.
Xuan @ Scribbling stage from 2-3 yrs
I was thinking of disposing this cupboard. Now i think i will cherish it for life.  Check out Drawing Development in Children