Sunday, December 27, 2015

Writing is the way

So I figured writing is supposed to be good for me. Especially during my progressed moon in retrograde at this phase of my life. At least for the next good few years, I will be able to make good observations. I have always wish to write about some events as i can trace back and use it as a supporting learning example in astrology.

Today i discovered the reason i do not like to be late is that i find it hard to settle down and feel grounded. I had a great start on the 2nd day of the astrology workshop today as i had a peace and quiet time 2 hours ahead of the lesson to have a cup of tea and fill my tummy. As opposed to yesterday i had to run around for errands b4 course starts and also arriving late during lunch. Dishes were not enough to eat. Today i get to order my own food and had a dessert too. All these little things were important for me to feel alive!

This reminds me an art therapy exercise i had experienced - the dangling long brush held at the tip, to allow free movement on the paper. I discovered i did the top to bottom movement and that had helped me feel "arrived" and grounded having just arrived from the airport 2,3 hrs ago.