Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birth Mat

Xuan is trying to meditate on the mat.
This post is created with the gentle birth mothers in mind. I had a homebirth 2 years ago, I have one thing to cherish is the sturdy coconut husk mat I sat on. It kept me warm and comfortable, the dark colour mat disguised all the blood stain. The coconut husk inserts can be soaked and washed, not a stain was found after the event.

I often hear mothers wish to do active birthing at home or in the hospital but unable to find a portable yet comfortable solutions on the floor. I really want to share with them this unique product I have come across.

My family still use it a lot now. to have naps, babies crawl, or just bring it along for vacations when you need an extra bed space. Or tuck it beside the bed, in case the little ones fall off accidentally. I have brought in 10 units for sale with RM150 each.

can be carried easily
fold & unfold conveniently