Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taichi homeschooling

It is coming to the 4th month since I started homeschooling my children. I am still finding our pace and dynamics. I started it with over scheduling of outings and visits. I find myself feeling drained n tired to drive far away to new places. tried some regular playgroups n classes, some too far, or doesn't fit all the kids ' age groups.

Even tried to fit into a waldorf school with me teaching shanyang in grade 1. But shanyang seems to be in a stage of "detoxing". He refused to be taught somehow. He rejected the school after 2 days. And the little schooling adventure was very short span.

And phew, we are back to plenty of freedom again!

Now I am experimenting w a 3 day stay home rhythm. Then comesthe outings. That means will have to skip events organized by other homeschooling friends. I find it important to establish my family rhythm. Then it can at least take some anxiety away from the younger kids.

Next thing I try to engage more on the soul level at home. I learnt some pentatonic songs and sing more at home. Try to radiate some positive atmosphere. I just enjoyed myself singing those tune. Not trying to teach in particular. But the kids started to pick up the tune and imitate. Ah... they absorb!

I want to try to paint more... also trying to find out more about a Chinese calligraphy n painting class.

With swimming, they are rather afraid. I just wonder how the kampong kids learn to swim. I guess u just have to play in water more often until the fear of water is gone. I am rather reluctant to send them to class. I managed to convince them to "sleep" in the pool w the face facing up. I support with two hands under their body. Then one hand. To date, they are very happy that I only support them with 1 finger.

The lesson I have learnt so far in the beginning of homeschooling it is all about finding out about ourselves as the chief of this clan, as the magical tour guide. Find out about your touring children, who they really are. Especially if they have gone to school, you would probably have a missing gap some where. They might not be the same as u thought they were last time. So it is so important for both parents n child to take time to chill, to have fun, to understand each other and to love. Before you really decide to commit any classes.

In my first phase of homeschooling - I discovered " tai chi homeschooling". It is not about how much you do but how deep you feel. Go slow.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Class 1 maths block : counting

We went to pd and collected some beautiful stones. I thought this would be great to start our first counting exercise. The sense of touch is great, the stones are cooling, rounded feel very nice to touch. We first group them in five then to 10 and finally to hundred. We have collected 250 stones in total. My initial wild guess was 100 over stones. So I was wrong!

We will continue to count concrete and useful things relating to the world of shanyang. Slowly would increase to one thousand. ideas for counting: rice grain, no of fingers in the family, some of his fav things perhaps. No of steps to the play ground....