Monday, January 17, 2011

Homemade Vegetarian Rainbow Yee Sang

This is a temp pic for yee sang. The real pic will come after Chinese new year.

Chinese new year is only 2 weeks away from now. There is one CNY dish i always try to DIY. It's  healthier, cheaper and merrier! I want to share this yee sang recipe. You too can make your own scrumptious rabbit year dish!


A: the vege
Sengkuang, green apple, cucumber,  lettuce, carrot, beet root, pomelo, coriander ( mango, purple cabbage,  alfafa - optional - or include any of your favourite colourful fruits or vege )

B: the garnishing
Sesame seed (both white & black)
Roasted Peanuts ( cashew nuts also can)
Corn Flakes (anything crispy )
Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins (optional)

C: the dressing
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Plum Sauce ( * )
Lemon Juice ( plum juice, kalamasi juice also can)

1. Grate or slice ingredient A thinly. Then get a very big plate, as big as you can find and arrange the vege around it in groups.
2. Sprinkle ingredient B on the plate
3. Pour the dressing over the dish before serving.
4. To enjoy, simply invite your guests to toss and mix the dish together.

* If you want a bit more challenge without the using ready made plum sauce, try making your own  sweet and sour sauce by blending - roasted peanuts, olive oil, lemon juice, moleses sugar - together. [ warning: this dressing recipe is in experimental stage! I haven't tried it yet! ]