Saturday, September 24, 2011

Simple home gourmet n washing shoes

Sometimes I forget some v delicious quick home gourmet. Today also make a very delicious chess toast. All u need is a v good block of cheese.

I tried to get the kids to wash their own shoes. At first no one was interested. I had to show some good example myself. I use some soap nut for washing so that it is gentle for the hands. Though not fantastic in removing dirt. When I was done. Xuan came round w his fav pair of Ben sleepers. He was determined to wash his own. My action driven Xuan, u r always the first one to get things done. Bravo!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cooking is therapeutic

I have been lazy. Shying away from the kitchen. A word from Adeline made me feel encouraged. I asked if I should go out for a quick bite or should I cook myself. To my surprise she asked me to do the latter. She said that I am creative in the kitchen and have the most interesting ingredients.

With that I am arm w strong spirit marching to the kitchen. Open the fridge and dig out some veges. and wao la. Lunch is ready. I should do this more. Let the kids to see me do magic in the kitchen. Have a rhythm going, that I cook on a certain day, perhaps Friday. Sometimes maid cooked till no ideas. N the kids didn't enjoy eating too. Ok i shall cookupfridaystormy night!

Renew work permit for helper

Today went damansara to renew yorn phath's work permit for another year. Arrived at about 1 30pm. She has been with us going into the 3 1/2 year now. No fomema required for the 3rd year going to the 4 th. Paid rm 500. Maid's presence was not required. All I need was to bring her passport with expiry date no less than 1 yr. It was quite a breeze. Left immigration at about 2.30pm with a valid permit. Bought her a shirt to commemorate her domestic effort for another year.

I might need to do this annually. Just to blog this to remind myself.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lunch out in papa

W a lawyer n a doctor

Making dolls

I never really had a doll So dear that I remember. Mom has sort of trained us not to be too emotionally attached to anything, including pillows. I used to be rather proud of it. That I could go anywhere to sleep without bring anything familiar. But now I am having a second thought, that I might have missed out something, some feelings might have been suppressed. Recently I have picked up a doll making lesson. The doll looks nothing spectacular but the process of making a doll was valuable to me.

After many months part of the doll was complete. It was therapeutic for me to hug it n hold it in my hand. The I handed the doll to my girl. There was an unspeakable truth I felt. Mommy has made my first doll. And mommy will give my first doll to u. She observe every stitches on the doll.

Ok 2 more dolls to go for the boys.

Some online tutorials for making waldorf dolls for your child.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birth Mat

Xuan is trying to meditate on the mat.
This post is created with the gentle birth mothers in mind. I had a homebirth 2 years ago, I have one thing to cherish is the sturdy coconut husk mat I sat on. It kept me warm and comfortable, the dark colour mat disguised all the blood stain. The coconut husk inserts can be soaked and washed, not a stain was found after the event.

I often hear mothers wish to do active birthing at home or in the hospital but unable to find a portable yet comfortable solutions on the floor. I really want to share with them this unique product I have come across.

My family still use it a lot now. to have naps, babies crawl, or just bring it along for vacations when you need an extra bed space. Or tuck it beside the bed, in case the little ones fall off accidentally. I have brought in 10 units for sale with RM150 each.

can be carried easily
fold & unfold conveniently

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coco Cool Booster Cushion

It started with me didn't want another piece of baby furniture in my house.  1 1/2 yrs old XinYuan didn't want to sit on her baby high chair anymore. So I ordered some "Booster" Cushions made of coconut husk for this purpose. I also customized a few more to share this idea with other like minded parents. These Coco Cool Booster can be washed n dry easily and it is very cooling and firm to sit on. I got some experienced meditation mats producer from the temple to make this. They have quite a few of other products too like single bed mats, the light weight multipurpose mat (which i used to lie on during my homebirth, not a stain is noticed now. )

So this is how the cushions look like, my 2 yrs old daughter sitting on the Full 4" booster cushion.
She just woke up. This is a Full 4" Coco Cool Booster Cushion.
So I have just a few more to sell to vacant my cupboard for more organic cotton bed sheets perhaps. There are 3 different specs:

 1.)  Full 3": [ 3'' x 14'' x14'' ]  2.) Full 4" [ 3'' x 15'' x15'' ]  3.) Half 4" [4''x15''x10'']
These cushions are suitable for children age 1 1/2 to perhaps 8 yrs, as long as they outgrow from their high chair. If your child is of the smaller build and is very young you can start them with the 4''.
1.)  Full 3" (Height) RM85
[ 4 pieces left only.]
2.) Full 4''   RM90
3.) Half 4''   RM 65
with space for leg rest
Other uses of this cushions are many. Both parents and child can use them on the floor for meditation, take them with you when you travel, family reunion dinner etc. (to sit in the car, just to pop them up a bit, absolutely not to replace a car seat)

Xuan is sitting on a Full 3" and Daddy is meditating on a Half 4"
I also sell a meditation cushion set.
Coco Medi Mat   RM 90    [8pcs left]
This is a family shot of all the products. This shot was taken at 7am, both daddy n Xuan were very eager to help me out.
Convenient handle. Xuan is still sleepy...

Thursday, June 09, 2011

mid year holidays

It's beautiful to sleep under the stars. My boys did it. Me & 2 yr old girl stayed in the hut.
This time we started the holidays with a kampong stay in Janda baik.When we arrived, there were 10 over cars parked outside. A malay family set up 10 camps in the compound. At 12 noon, the kids were playing in the stream while some women cook up a storm. They had a feast under the trees on a huge tikar . What a nice family bonding trip. They were obviously seasoned campers and brought everything they could including a rice cooker.

They boys had their first camping under the stars. I am so proud. Then we spent the rest of the 2 weeks recouping from this trip, as the kids caught some cough and flu from having too much fun in the river. We stayed in A nice kampung set up by a local musician. It could have been better if his french wife wasn't in confinement after her first born. Some of the soft touches like linen, mosqito netting etc of the guesthouse could have been perhaps better. There were lots of mosqitoes at night and red ants on the bed. However the camping facilities provided were adequate. no mosqitoes if you camp. Pillows, blankets and tikars were provided.

I enjoyed staying home with the kids during the holidays. Partly rehearsing what will happen to next year when i homeschool them. I was trying to feel the rhythm of the day. At first they were a bit resistant to activities i planned. All the boys wanted was ipad and tvs. But by the 3rd day after i persisted. waola... they could tune in to the rhythm and went with little complaint.

We usually start the day with a  outdoor play in the park. Then come home for a shower before they do some quiet work. Then it is time for lunch. They would quickly finish their lunch as it is ipad or tv time after that. After 1 round of trashing on the ipad they could nap easily. We do the similar thing even when we have a playdate over. That helped to ground the habit in deeper as they see their peers doing it too.

Tomorrow is my off day with hubby on a day trip to ipoh wo kids. Life is good.
Nice experience climbing up a kampong house. This is the bamboo hut. Bring your own table cloth for better ambiance.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pregnant with no due date.

It has been almost close to 14 months now since the homeschooling seed was growing in me. I think and live homeschooling everyday. But some how my 2 boys still go to school . I spent most of my energy fetching them to school. Getting them on time. Also bringing them for extra free play "tuition" in the playground after school everyday. Something I find it v important for the development of a child but yet no getting enough emphasis in the pre school.

However I still feel blessed, to be in touched w so many homeschooling parents, to share the common free spirit goal for our children. Thinking I could join them one day. Planning a true Malaysian learning experience, mingling with multi racial children. As long as I keep this spark in me, my kids will benefit. Regardless If I get to homeschool them or not. To all homeschooling parents, thanks for bloging n sharing. This post is dedicated to u inspired me today.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Homemade Vegetarian Rainbow Yee Sang

This is a temp pic for yee sang. The real pic will come after Chinese new year.

Chinese new year is only 2 weeks away from now. There is one CNY dish i always try to DIY. It's  healthier, cheaper and merrier! I want to share this yee sang recipe. You too can make your own scrumptious rabbit year dish!


A: the vege
Sengkuang, green apple, cucumber,  lettuce, carrot, beet root, pomelo, coriander ( mango, purple cabbage,  alfafa - optional - or include any of your favourite colourful fruits or vege )

B: the garnishing
Sesame seed (both white & black)
Roasted Peanuts ( cashew nuts also can)
Corn Flakes (anything crispy )
Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins (optional)

C: the dressing
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Plum Sauce ( * )
Lemon Juice ( plum juice, kalamasi juice also can)

1. Grate or slice ingredient A thinly. Then get a very big plate, as big as you can find and arrange the vege around it in groups.
2. Sprinkle ingredient B on the plate
3. Pour the dressing over the dish before serving.
4. To enjoy, simply invite your guests to toss and mix the dish together.

* If you want a bit more challenge without the using ready made plum sauce, try making your own  sweet and sour sauce by blending - roasted peanuts, olive oil, lemon juice, moleses sugar - together. [ warning: this dressing recipe is in experimental stage! I haven't tried it yet! ]