Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Buddhist Education

I attended a Buddhist education forum organized by Kota Kemuning Buddhist Center http://kkbc-info.blogspot.com sometime ago. http://nalandabs.blogspot.com/2010/08/29-august-2010-buddhist-education-forum.html

Director Nalanda Institute, Bro. Tan Ho Soon, shared great insights. I jogged down some notes to share.

"We have to nurture education - not to teach, not learn. Like a mother would nurture her child." This speaks closely to my heart. That is why homeschooling comes very naturally to mothers especially, because that is what they have been doing since the child is born. Nurture includes a wider aspect, it means to love, to care, to observe. More than just to fill in information.

Bro. Tan also said "Worldly education - aims to bring you success in life. - core 3 aspects - knowledge, skills, and values. Buddhist education - aims to bring ultimate happiness in life. Promotes right understanding, compassion, generosity, letting go. One practise meditation, and metta."

During the Q n A session, the audience raised a question about " fear" in general. I guess after attended school for some years, "fear" is a very common emotion that you will come across. Fear of exams, fear of being laughed at, fear of being asked questions... So there was a nun in the forum ( i didn't manage to trace her name) She explained - the bigger the "I" the bigger the "fear" you'll have. there are also some other issues like ignorance, wrong perception of self could result the feeling of "fear".

I was relating this to homeschooling, how could this impact of "fear" vs "self" be reduced. In a large group of same age peers, it is rather important to establish "self". one feels the need to stand out from the crowd, to be identified. However when it is at home, once the child's ability and strength is acknowledged by the parents, the child can learn freely without fear.

Also followed up with this million dollar question from the floor "how to be fearless?" One has to let go of self attachment. Let go of your ego. Reduce ignorance of self. Have a right understanding of yourself.

Brother Tan also drew inspiration from buddha of being a great teacher.
1. One has to have the desire to teach.
2. Be earnest and diligent
3. Be creative and skillful to to all levels of students
5. finally constant advancement and improvement.

Monday, November 01, 2010

A bouquet of broccoli

My head is as stuffed as a broccoli. I feel so inspired reading about other homeschooler's blog, watching Ken Robinson's. Yet I have agreed to send my 2 boys to the strictest chinese kindergarden in the region. 8am-5pm everyday. I feel like I have lost 2 sons.

I was very close to winning them to homeschool. Yet the institutional force is stronger. Or would this help to strengthen the homeschooling foundation even more in future?

Sons hold on tight, fight hard, be strong. May the broccoli bloom one day.