Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Easier than you think breakfast , snacks and light meals.

I have been wanting to avoid eating bread everyday. But the kids love it. So how, replacement! Apparently our well known traditional tosai ( dosa, rice pancake) has been the best kept secret in an Indian household. I find the homemade version tastes better minus the sour taste.

So, clear your mind, this is the type of recipe that requires pre planning. But once done you can enjoy it instantly from your fridge for over a week!

Day 1
Phase 1 : after breakfast 10am. soaking the grains separately 6-8 hours.
Soak 2 cups of rice and one (or 1/2) cup of tur dhal. ( when you are more confident you can double the quantity, then can last you for a week serving 3 times for a family of 5,6 person)

Phase 2 : after or before your dinner at 6 pm, blend the grains separately with some water ( the rice blends easier, dhal is tougher) . Then mix them up and add 1 teaspoon of salt. Let it ferment outside the fridge for 8 hours overnight.

Day 2
Phase 3: the batter is ready for breakfast! It should be pouring consistency. You can add some cumin seeds to improve the aroma. Or experiment it with some sesame seeds, flaxseeds. Or add some of your favourite herbs. You can fry it with some ghee, and coconut oil. Rub the oil on the pan with a wedge of  onion. Then Make sure your cast iron pan is well heated. For beginners, non stick pan can save you a lot of trouble. Move your pan around using the lowest heat, make sure the sides of the tosai is well heated. Scoop the batter onto the well heated pan and immediately run your ladle on top the batter in a circular motion. ( observe this in the Indian shop) A lot of steam will come out. Then wait for a magical opening by the sides of the pancake when it is well heated. And scrap your way into the tosai from there using a wooden spatula.

Keep the unfinished batter in the fridge. Can keep well for a week.

No curry, or chutney... My kids spread butter and jam over it. This is even easier than the western pancake. Minus the eggs and gluten. It is important to follow a routine of work process. Then everything becomes easier!