Sunday, August 09, 2009

Brewing Garbage

2nd Brew: Mixed Citrus Fruit Flavour 

After doing so much of baking and cooking... Now i can even make something to use! I feel really excited about it. Garbage enzyme is such an in thing in every household now. Most housewife u ask, chances are they too have a tub or 2 of this backyard science in their kitchen.

Started making my first bottle with left over pineapple skins after making some pineapple jam. It leaves me absolutely Zero garbage. 2 pineapples skins and cuts gives me about 1kg garbage to work with. add about 300g of dark sugar and 3000g of water. mix them all up. Done.
Fits nicely in a big cny plastic cookie jar.

Today, i made one more round of citrus based mixed fruit flavour consist of pamelo, orange, lemon, apple, pear, dragon fruits skins. Fruits we consumed over the week, stored in the fridge b4 i have enough to start doing. Can't wait to collect my harvest in 3 months time!

Great thing to do after your juicing, jamming, baking session where u have used big amount of fruits n vege. Or simply buy over the garbage from a cut fruit n juice stall.

And what can u do with the enzyme? I read it can be used for cleaning, removing odor of cigarette, kitchen, bathroom, window pane, washing your car outside and flows to the garden as fertilizer. Antiseptic floor mopping,  air con cleaning, drives away flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats... Basically cleans your whole house, cars, utensils, you and your pets. Fertilizes. Total magical solutions! From something we would usually throw away! Save so much money from buying different chemicals to serve those purposes.

I really can't wait for the harvest. 

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I love Bread.

Bread can look so good. And you don't need to do much. shape it any way u like, stick anything on the surface, emboss it, deboss it. score it. spot varnish. (all these printing terms i am borrowing... such effects can be achieved effortlessly.) These are the loaves from my little oven. These days, I experiment on garbage enzyme, growing alfafa... making bread... trading cloth diapers... I am mutating into a real incredible greenHoihoi.

Multi Grain Rye Bread (Deco Inspired by HIESTAND french village bread)

Latest experiment WO recipe : Honey Banana Walnut Pandan Rye Bread (Improvised from the previous rye bread recipe)