Friday, February 06, 2015

Post travelling suppressed symptom occurred

Fell sick w a sore throat and a running nose. Totally didn't see it coming. DIY a few remedies. Didn't seem to help. I remembered I heard of an incident that a person will delay the manifestation of sickness until she reaches a safe place and especially during non working day. True enough, my cold break out on this long weekend. Just the right time for me to heal. After the third remedy addressing my suppressed emotion during the trip, I fell asleep like a baby. After I woke up I felt hungry and feel like some rice and salty food. And strength is gained and I count do some spring cleaning.

It is amazing I never had time to look at stuff I have at home. I think those things are there for almost 3, 4 years. I have been going out and searching out all the time. These activities actually drain me. I need to be with myself and tidy my stuff. By doing so I feel charged and confident.

Today is the first day of transit moon in cancer. I have been watching the moon for a while in relation with my well being and emotion. I find myself is closely connected to it. I have been dragging to cook. Couldn't bring myself to make any food. But first thing in the morning today I feel inspired to make a honey dates apple tea. And it is well received by hubby n kids. When I check the sign of the moon, ah bingo the moon has just ingress in the cancer sign. So I spent the whole day happily at home!

( I figured how to do this weaving mandala myself during the previous 2 days when moon was in Gemini, as an effort to tame my wild mind. It did help to calm me down)

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