Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Knock knock!

20th jan ( Tuesday) moon Capricorn in 7h. 10 degree ob to my natal mars

We have a visitor! New companion in our journey. We ventured even further on our car. Checking out the location of the train station where we can park. Went to Werribee Mall. Mall seems to be the easiest, safe synthesized mini representation of society. For us to test our wings. I observed I was getting a little impatient. We don't seem to have achieving much.

First meal outside in Werribee food court. Can't wait to dive in for some spices n rice!

I consciously activate my ascendent cancer and  north node Virgo.
I cooked for my flat mates and prepared a long bath for her.

Moon turning to new sign Aquarius. In the evening.
We were suggested to move to sleep in a room upstairs instead. Since we have a new guest, it make sense to leave the living hall as a communal purpose and make another private space else where. As usual, relocating is not v easy for a Taurus. But it is time to move. Though my luggage is still down stays. I ended the day w a knock on my head before I lay my head down. Perhaps to empty all my previous energy to suit this new room!

21th jan (Wednesday) first day of mercury in retrograde.
Moon Aquarius, sun just turned Aquarius .

Woke up on a new bed! Embraced, confined this is the feeling of a bed room. Room mate fell from the bed. And it is her turn to have a knock on her head! It is good time for her rest for a while! Rescheduling required for our initial plan to visit Victoria market. Truly feeling the effect of mercury retrograde. Can't go many places. I have been spending some time de cluttering pictures n unwanted softwares on my phone.

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