Friday, February 06, 2015

21-dec 2015 (Wednesday) 
Has been out of orientation of time. Was supposed to have a meeting in town. This is the day we should advance further into melbourne. However due to a minor accident happened w my travel mate, we have to stay home to recoupe for her to get well. We drove out to the nearest shopping mall to grab some lunch and groceries to cook. We had a more elaborate dinner with berry yogurt, avocado pistachio spread and pumpking soup. The 3rd meal I have cooked in the house. Spent more time writing and spring cleaning devices. Being informed about mercury retrograde, I am well prepared for such incident to happen. The is the differences having the right awareness and consciousness about the cosmos.

22 dec 2015 ( Thursday )

This is the day we finally have some "agenda" before our "main course". We are ready to goto the city to meet a Friend. She drove us to some magnificent op shops in the subburb. My only "desire" of the trip is finally being fulfied. An subconscious act of fulfilling my attempt to feel belong.

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