Sunday, December 27, 2015

Writing is the way

So I figured writing is supposed to be good for me. Especially during my progressed moon in retrograde at this phase of my life. At least for the next good few years, I will be able to make good observations. I have always wish to write about some events as i can trace back and use it as a supporting learning example in astrology.

Today i discovered the reason i do not like to be late is that i find it hard to settle down and feel grounded. I had a great start on the 2nd day of the astrology workshop today as i had a peace and quiet time 2 hours ahead of the lesson to have a cup of tea and fill my tummy. As opposed to yesterday i had to run around for errands b4 course starts and also arriving late during lunch. Dishes were not enough to eat. Today i get to order my own food and had a dessert too. All these little things were important for me to feel alive!

This reminds me an art therapy exercise i had experienced - the dangling long brush held at the tip, to allow free movement on the paper. I discovered i did the top to bottom movement and that had helped me feel "arrived" and grounded having just arrived from the airport 2,3 hrs ago.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015





藉由觸摸和感觉阻力, 你可能從完成後的雕塑品中窺探自己内心的讯息,从而認識自己並探索存在的意义。


收费:RM30, 本校家长RM20 (包括艺术材料与茶歇)
日期:13-3-2015 (星期五)
时间: 8:30am- 10:30am
报名:请联络晓芬老师 012-238 1529 (15人额满)

主持:  森林小屋,海燕老师 与 晓芬老师

Friday, February 06, 2015

21-dec 2015 (Wednesday) 
Has been out of orientation of time. Was supposed to have a meeting in town. This is the day we should advance further into melbourne. However due to a minor accident happened w my travel mate, we have to stay home to recoupe for her to get well. We drove out to the nearest shopping mall to grab some lunch and groceries to cook. We had a more elaborate dinner with berry yogurt, avocado pistachio spread and pumpking soup. The 3rd meal I have cooked in the house. Spent more time writing and spring cleaning devices. Being informed about mercury retrograde, I am well prepared for such incident to happen. The is the differences having the right awareness and consciousness about the cosmos.

22 dec 2015 ( Thursday )

This is the day we finally have some "agenda" before our "main course". We are ready to goto the city to meet a Friend. She drove us to some magnificent op shops in the subburb. My only "desire" of the trip is finally being fulfied. An subconscious act of fulfilling my attempt to feel belong.

Post travelling suppressed symptom occurred

Fell sick w a sore throat and a running nose. Totally didn't see it coming. DIY a few remedies. Didn't seem to help. I remembered I heard of an incident that a person will delay the manifestation of sickness until she reaches a safe place and especially during non working day. True enough, my cold break out on this long weekend. Just the right time for me to heal. After the third remedy addressing my suppressed emotion during the trip, I fell asleep like a baby. After I woke up I felt hungry and feel like some rice and salty food. And strength is gained and I count do some spring cleaning.

It is amazing I never had time to look at stuff I have at home. I think those things are there for almost 3, 4 years. I have been going out and searching out all the time. These activities actually drain me. I need to be with myself and tidy my stuff. By doing so I feel charged and confident.

Today is the first day of transit moon in cancer. I have been watching the moon for a while in relation with my well being and emotion. I find myself is closely connected to it. I have been dragging to cook. Couldn't bring myself to make any food. But first thing in the morning today I feel inspired to make a honey dates apple tea. And it is well received by hubby n kids. When I check the sign of the moon, ah bingo the moon has just ingress in the cancer sign. So I spent the whole day happily at home!

( I figured how to do this weaving mandala myself during the previous 2 days when moon was in Gemini, as an effort to tame my wild mind. It did help to calm me down)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Knock knock!

20th jan ( Tuesday) moon Capricorn in 7h. 10 degree ob to my natal mars

We have a visitor! New companion in our journey. We ventured even further on our car. Checking out the location of the train station where we can park. Went to Werribee Mall. Mall seems to be the easiest, safe synthesized mini representation of society. For us to test our wings. I observed I was getting a little impatient. We don't seem to have achieving much.

First meal outside in Werribee food court. Can't wait to dive in for some spices n rice!

I consciously activate my ascendent cancer and  north node Virgo.
I cooked for my flat mates and prepared a long bath for her.

Moon turning to new sign Aquarius. In the evening.
We were suggested to move to sleep in a room upstairs instead. Since we have a new guest, it make sense to leave the living hall as a communal purpose and make another private space else where. As usual, relocating is not v easy for a Taurus. But it is time to move. Though my luggage is still down stays. I ended the day w a knock on my head before I lay my head down. Perhaps to empty all my previous energy to suit this new room!

21th jan (Wednesday) first day of mercury in retrograde.
Moon Aquarius, sun just turned Aquarius .

Woke up on a new bed! Embraced, confined this is the feeling of a bed room. Room mate fell from the bed. And it is her turn to have a knock on her head! It is good time for her rest for a while! Rescheduling required for our initial plan to visit Victoria market. Truly feeling the effect of mercury retrograde. Can't go many places. I have been spending some time de cluttering pictures n unwanted softwares on my phone.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I believe I can fly.

18th jan 2015 (Sunday)
Moon in sagi, waning. Flying on Air Asia d7 212

While I am on the plane flying to melbourne, I made this post. The Fun of making planes in 2013. When I was homeschooling the kids, this is what sy has asked me to help him to make. A model plane. He saw it in some books. We had to search for balsa wood and cut to shapes to make the plane. Kids had fun. Hard work for mama!

Touch down melbourne

Arriived mid night 12am 18th Jan 201
New Moon in Capricorn 19th Jan 2015

By the time we got to the house, it is about 2 am local time. First to settle a place to sleep. And get grounded. It was a slow process of getting myself oriented. The next morning I had A cup of warm lemon drink, picked me up. Next proceed to get groceries supply for the week.

Come to think of it, I have never get a chance to indulge in a long bath properly. Most of the time it will be v busy when kids are around. When u r back in water, it make you feel as if nothing matters in the outside world. U r back to inner self. I guess it is v close to going back to mother's womb. Warm, quiet, embraced. It is great to connect back to myself. 

Familiarise ourselves w the house, 2ndly the car then the neighbourhood. Very slowly, step by step finding our ways around.

This is our first snack, local produce w smooth Indian yogurt.

The dinner, delicious tomato minestrone soup.

This is our bed! Best way to get grounded is to sleep close to the earth! And we have a magnificent lake view!

Tea time snack by the deck next to the lake at the back yard.

It was a wonderful touch down experience. No agenda, no rush just following the beat of the cosmos as it is.